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Are You Hitting The Beach This Summer? Or Want To Lose That Post Pregnancy Weight? Maybe All You Need It A Tone Up? Or Get Rid Of That Flabby Belly? Book a session with our fitness trainers and get that Hollywood body that you ogle at on the silver screen

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Indulge In A Fitness Session With Cube Fitness Coach Today For A New You


A Complete Workout At Your Fingertips

Don’t fancy going to the gym? Cannot summon the motivation to work out at home? Tap on the app and get that ideal companion who will work with you on your terms on your body. From warm-ups to core exercises, all will be covered in that session that will make you sweat and pant for that body you have in mind. Our fitness coaches know exactly what you need to give you the body of your dreams.

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    Discreet, Funny, And Professional – Personal Training On Your Terms

    You will get a new experience every time you use our fitness coaches. The same stretches, the same workouts, the same squats and the same routine can bore you and that is why out fitness coaches make your training session fun by introducing a new trick every day to keep you motivated and running towards your goal.

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    Anytime, Anywhere, And A Cashless Fitness Instructor

    When you book a fitness instructor with us, you will be spoiled for choice as to which one will get your custom on a particular day.  Whatever regime you choose for the day, you do not have to worry about payment as it is all automated. However getting that hot body is not automated so tap the app and book your session now.

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    Select Your Workout On Your Demand

    Aerobics, bodybuilding, sports and athletics, weight loss, or physical recovery and rehabilitation trainers, Pilates, yoga, indoor cycling - take your pick because we have it all. Our certified fitness trainers are highly experienced and they love to see you sweat. While giving you realistic details on what you will achieve from each session, they will make sure that they will keep you regime. Isn’t it time you got that beach body? Just tap the app.


Tap the app, select a driver, get to your destination without looking back. That is what our app will do. No words are necessary when you ride with us because we know exactly what you want. Ride and save with us – luxury cannot get any cheaper.